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NCDXF Scholarship Funds Update

April 7, 2014

The NCDXF Board has voted to redirect our scholarship funds toward supporting new DXers.

Since there is a direct relationship between effective Contesting performance and effective DXpedition performance. our first initiative will be to support new Contesters (age 25 or less) at Contest University over the next two years.

Over time, our goal is to help build these critical DXpedition skills:

  • Pileup Management
  • On-Air Etiquette
  • Time Management i.e., Optimize Operating Ttime)
  • Stamina (Maximize Quality QSOs Per Shift)
  • Cross-Mode Operation (CW, SSB, Digital)
  • Propagation Knowledge (Which Bands? When?)

The board is grateful for the generous contributions from the DX community, without such support, DXpeditions to the Most Wanted and hard to get to entities would not happen. Have you donated yet? You can make your contribution on the website:

Glenn Johnson, W0GJ
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